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Sun is hot in nature, dry, masculine and extremely positive planet. Sun is the God of Fire and hence very fiery in nature. Sun represents East direction and rules the season between the months of June to July. Sun represents orange or sunrise red colour. Sun denotes father or fatherly bodies in family, society and boss in any organization of the native.

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Sun is the king thus represents higher authorities in , the government and in society. Therefore, it is also strong in Leo. For a native to stay healthy and successful throughout his life then Sun should be well placed and strong and devoid of all malefic influences in horoscope. A person remains physically fit and very energetic if Sun is well placed and well connected with lagna or ascendant in a Kundali or birth chart.

The Sun in astrology represents the base of our identity, and characterizes self-realization. Sun in astrology also dominates our basic psychological factors which ultimately transmuted into our actions. Our dreams, thoughts and imagination is controlled by the Moon many other associated planets but whether our all imaginations and thoughts will remain as wishful thinking or fructified in reality that depends upon the strength of Sun in astrology. In word, Manifestation of our wishes governs by Sun and shine in life according to the association of Sun with houses of horoscope.

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Sun in Vedic astrology represents eyes like honey color, lean, broad shoulders, muscular body with large and round type face. Less hairs on head and the color of skin could be blackish Red not all the time, depends on the influence of other planets. But the colour shade would towards lighter with bilious temperament.

The height of the native would be average and sometimes tall with high immunity power and good command over speech.

Sun in astrology governs heart, brain, bones, head, throat, mouth, spleen, lungs, arteries, blood and also its circulation. Sun governs the function of our eye also, especially eye sight related matters. Sun denotes right eye in males and the left eye in females.

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This fiery in nature planet can be unfavorable to health if negatively placed causing baldness, headaches, and bone weakness. Sun represents vitality, resistance power to protect from disease and immunity in our body. It regulates the physical strength and overall constitution. Sun in our solar system is considered as the life force and according to astrology gives will power, intelligence, brilliance, prosperity, abundance and success in all worldly affairs.

The diseases in human body specified by Sun are heart related problems, epilepsy, cerebral related, meningitis, aphasia, sunstroke, polypus, eye disease especially right eye in male person and left eye in female nativity , high fever, baldness or alopecia, blood pressure related troubles.

The native will be dignified, and also get respect from subordinates. The native will choose the right path, and finish the work at hand in a democratic manner or in a completely unique way. Even if the native is in a ver high and commanding position in society or organization, he or she would never portray an autocratic attitude altogether.

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How should I prepare? What is my true calling? I act more like a different horoscope sign! Why Vedic? Astrology is an integral discipline of study related to medicine and history in eastern Universities. All of our astrologers are hand-picked professionals having diplomas and degrees in Vedic science.

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