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Eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. For other uses, see Scorpio. For the constellation, see Scorpius. Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Zodiac.

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Categories : Western astrological signs Mythological arthropods. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Use mdy dates from December Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Commons category link is on Wikidata. It has originated from Scorpius constellation.

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It spans to a 30 0 longitude, starting from 0 ecliptic longitude to 0. Natives born between October 23 - November 22 as per Western Astrology falls under this sign. Similarly, as per Hindu astrology, planet Sun moves in this sign from November 16 to December Hereby, a native is called as a Scorpion or Scorpio. As per HIndu Vedic Astrology, Scorpio is fixed, a water sign, feminine in nature and a negative sign. It is linked with three animals.

Snake, Scorpion and Eagle. Moon gets debilitated here, however, no sign gets exalted. Sun and Jupiter are favorable towards this planet, whereas Mercury, Saturn and Venus are considered malefic.

Sex with a Scorpio

It is known as "Vrischik", which means a reptile and symbolised with a Scorpion. To know more about Scorpio characteristics and physical attributes, here we have some facts and statements. These facts will shed some light on their appearance, how they look, and what kind of personality they bear. Scorpio daily horoscope tells about the challenges and opportunities Scorpio natives have to face in daily life. In case you're a Scorpio, you may have the following features:. Above traits shed light on some of the physical traits a Scorpio possesses.

Now lets understand some of the Scorpio characteristics and qualities they have, and find some interesting facts about them. You can also know more about different aspects of this zodiac sign by reading Scorpio horoscope today.

21 Personality Secrets of Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Read some interesting facts and traits about this sign:. Lucky Numbers: According to Numerology Calculator , lucky numbers for Scorpio natives are 3, 9 and 4. Compatible Zodiac Signs: Two zodiac signs who share favorable horoscope compatibility with Scorpio are Cancer and Pisces.

They both are prove to be good partners, friends or business partners. Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are said to be incompatible with Scorpio and they do not share favorable wavelengths. Dislike Being Bossed Around: A Scorpio native dislikes being bossed around, and cannot work in such environment.

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On the other hand, they expect everyone to follow what they say and like to boss around. Habitual of Comforts: Scorpio people cannot live without amenities, comforts or leisure.

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They seem to be highly dependent on these luxuries of life. Can Manipulate Adverse Situations In Favour: Scorpios can change any bad, unfavourable and adverse situation into an advantage. They are smart and witty, and know all the right moves. Intense Lovers: Scorpions are very complex and moody but passionate when it comes to love. They are dynamic lovers. Although, they may not enjoy a smooth romantic life with their partners. They do everything to cheer them up and put in efforts to make their partner comfortable.

Fighters: Scorpions fight through challenging situations and never give up. They will stick with it through thick and thin, in order to retrieve the results. Even in any argument, they will never back down and use your words only to defeat you badly. Highly Ambitious: Scorpions may seem very mysterious on the outside but are very ambitious and work with sincerity and perseverance to attain desired goals.

They must look like they might not give any details or share their piece of mind but all they think about is how to achieve their goals.

What Is A Scorpios Personality?

Lavishing their lover with loads of attention, and affection. Scorpio is intense in the bedroom, and almost any form of kink will be acceptable, all but two ways ,and three ways, sex is an intimate act between two lovers to a Scorpio, any more than one, happens to butcher the fun. Scorpios personify the Cthonian principle, a principle of society, it represents, the corrupt under gutters of our society, that are kept hidden, and better kept that way. Though like the Apollonian principle, they too are trying to find a match to fill their constantly yearning hearts, so they can be born into love, and be reborn anew with passionate flames of desire.

Active, aggressive, intense, moody, outspoken. The darker side of life intrigues them. Pluto is associated with subterranean forces, both liberal and metaphoric. The Third Quadrant is that of mental perception, and in particular the concept of existence. For Scorpio, the unconscious mind is of prime interest; he feels that truths lie in the hidden realm of the unfathomable psyche. To reach reality, Scorpio asserts, one must dig. A life well lived involves solving one piece of the ever-unfolding cryptogram that is our world.

Scorpio wants to crystallize aspects of experience that remain mysterious or concealed into a solid understanding. Males in female earth, water signs are not aligned with the gender polarity of the sign and thus enact instead of embody the quality-element combination of the sign. Instead, Scorpio man is a miner for such qualities in others, just as he seeks to unearth anything beautiful or valuable as might be concealed from the eyes of the world. Sign Number: 8. The number of mystery. The black eight ball in billiards is a signal of death, ending the game of life. The lucky-eight-ball toy is a revealer of secret answers.

The number is the symbol of infinity - in other words, not death but regeneration, aking to the message the totem phoenix delivers. It depicts not simply a cycle o life, but a spiral forever turning on itself. Cabalistic teachings associate the number eight with material wealth.

Single Age Association: Age of instrospection.

Scorpio Sign Dates & Traits

A time when external attributes and manly prowess are in decline. Inner resources are uncovered as a source of happiness. Scorpio suffers from suspicions. He is intrusive and confrontational and can be bullying in youth.